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Project Central

   Project Central was developed for SRC Designs by Max Humphreys, the senior designer and owner of SRC, in order to facilitate an interactive file sharing interface between SRC and each individual client. Similar in appearance to typical bulletin board chat room sites found on the web, Project Central allows the client to access their own, private area designated specifically for that client by entering a user name and password. This ensures the client that all posts and file uploads are secure and only visible to them. SRC can exchange messages, files, pictures, and etc. through this interface. The file upload / download facility is much faster than e-mail as well.


    Once SRC has entered into a contractual agreement for Design / CD services, the client is requested to enter Project Central in order for them to create their own unique user name and password. This information is sent from the web site to SRC and the web administrator then sets up the private section for that client. Once the administrative tasks are complete the client will then be notified of the activation of their account. At this time any exchange of data may then be handled via Project Central. The design team can then communicate, not only with the client, but with all SRC parties involved with the project as well as the client.


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