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Falls Prevention Poster


Poudre Valley Hospital /

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Falls Prevention Committee

Poudre Valley Hospital

Fort Collins, Colorado

PVH "Castle" Project

The PVH Castle
The Castle Story
The Falls Prevention Poster
The PVH Project Story

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Designing "Castles"



Poudre Valley Hospital "Castle"


Project Notes


Designed By: SRC Designs for Poudre Valley Hospital / Poudre Valley Healthcare System

Fort Collins, Colorado


Project Scope:

    Full size Medieval castle, rendered to 36" x 48" output. Insert full story board information

    provided by the Falls Prevention committee using a scroll design relative to the castle


The Castle Story:


The PVH "Castle" began as a part of the "Falls Prevention" campaign launched during the early fall of 2007 by Poudre Valley Hospital. SRC was asked if it were possible to design a true to life castle. While limited in experience with European castles, a quick study and test of the software used in residential design proved the project to be possible. After researching many web sites in order to gain insight as to how best to create the look and feel of a true castle, a template of sorts was created from which to model the design. While the design is a shell, with no interior walls, it required 10 floors plus a foundation. Each floor was configured to a ceiling height of 16' resulting in a true to life size, much larger than the full grown trees used in the final rendering.


The actual rendering was output to a printed sheet size of 36"x48" as requested by the hospital committee responsible for the final display. After adding the extra touches such as the rolling terrain, the creek, and the bridge the final model was ready for rendering. The rendering of the final model with terrain and details required several hours, resulting in a full size, high resolution image. While images can be resized, in order to retain full clarity the rendering was actually sized slightly larger than the 36"x48" sheet it would be printed to. The final output, a jpeg image, was then cropped to fit.


After the final rendered castle was complete and delivered to the PVH graphics artist, as it turned out, SRC was then asked if it were possible to complete the final poster with only two days left before the poster display was scheduled to be setup.


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Poudre Valley Hospital Falls Prevention Poster


The PVH Project Story:


The hospital committee had envisioned the use of parchment scrolls as the background for text blocks used to tell the "story" behind the Falls Prevention campaign. Once again, a search for a template from which to model the scrolls was conducted on the web. Each scroll was created and carefully laid out for the title and text body using the Old English font in Windows. A waving banner was created for the caption and the final display was ready for printing. The printer used a high gloss photo paper and mounted the picture on poster backer board. The PVH Falls Prevention poster was then hand delivered with plenty of time left for the Falls Prevention committee to prepare for their showing.


Unknown to SRC Designs at the time the model and final picture were ready to print, the hospital had entered the display into an area wide contest, the winner going on to the national contest in the early spring. The poster won first place in the area contest and will be entered into the nationals! SRC will be tracking the final contest and will post the results once they are known.


The project was completed as a community service for Poudre Valley Hospital which is a not for profit organization. We at SRC had a great time designing the PVH Castle and were pleased with the results. Congratulations to the Falls Prevention committee on your successful campaign and good luck with the nationals this coming spring!


SRC Designs - Designing "Castles"


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